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Built on the idea that the customer deserves better.


Provide great products at a fair price. The cornerstone of our business.

Working Together

OSI works in conjuction with our customers to find the best solution.


We believe in delivering great value, everyday on every purchase.


We love what we do, and let it show, one customer at at time!

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We are excited to provide to give you a smooth shopping experience, please be patient, we want it to be just right.

Our Goal is helping you find just the right cartridge at a price that's right, with perfect functionality.
How We Work


We offer OEM & Remanufactured Cartridges.


  • Print Management Software
  • Total Cost Analyser
  • Support Documents


  • Customer Portal
  • Comparability Guides
  • Order Tracking


  • Automatic re-orders
  • Same-day shipping
  • Seamless returns


Our catalog provides specs for OEM and Remanufactured cartridges with spec sheets.

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